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I am 6 feet 1inch and 200 lbs with a really bad body fat is thighs and waist are bigger than my shoulder and I can lift till 220lbs in I want a perfect body composition with huge shoulder and small waistline I can deadlift sir I don't have a bigger back frameI am lifting from 1.5 years continuouslyI feel that my power increased but my frame is not fair.I want a good frame (x shaped).Is this because of low tesosterone.>>

Maximum Shred

Maximum Shred
I've been training for a little over 2 years, but I'm confident in my striking and I honestly hit really hard, especially for my size, ( I'm not trying to brag I just want more skinny people to be aware than being skinny isn't entirely being weak) I feel like I have 1 hit k. power.>


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